Tuesday, December 28, 2010

tappity tap tap

I’ve been using my tiny little lap tap a lot more lately and it has a nice little tap tap when I type. Even though I sometimes wish I had a bit larger screen I do really like the keyboard on this little guy.

Anywho, yesterday was a day off from work so we lazed around most of the day and then after lunch we headed out to IKEA again. I’m determined to get my little nook room tidied up, purged, and organized. We bought another Expedit piece, you can see it here, and some additional organizational pieces to go in the cubbies. I then spent the rest of the evening putting it together and then mercilessly going through the junk items and trashing, donating, or setting up for Ebay. Feel free to check out my auctions here. My goal is to put up 5 or so items until I run out. I might be doing this for a while…

I may not have gotten much sleep last night, but I felt super productive. Though it is a little disheartening to go in there and see a bit of a bigger mess. I realize that most of the stuff piled up is either leaving through Ebay and if it doesn’t sell it’s going straight to charity, but it really is a lot. I can’t mess around with this stuff. I feel like I’m at critical mass and everything must go! Right now I’m concentrating on the cross stitch items, but once that has been cleaned out the knitting is next. It’s not as bad, but it’s starting to be. I was on a forum in Ravelry earlier and they were discussing completing one sock weight yarn project a month. This was an idea that the Yarn Harlot had put out there last January and it’s a pretty good one. Not sure if it’s doable for me, but I’m seriously considering picking out 12 and creating a project pack with yarn and pattern just ready to go when I’m ready. At least that way I’ll feel like I have a plan for some of this stuff.

As I’m reading over this I really don’t want anyone to think that I have a bunch of stuff lying around and it’s all crap. The real problem is that I really like all these things, but it’s become overwhelming and it just plain makes me anxious every time I walk in there. The exact opposite of the inspiring and relaxing feeling that I want to have in that space. It’s going to happen, but this may take me several months to sort this all out. *sigh*

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