Sunday, February 12, 2006


Well, the weekend is over and I really should go to sleep. But I feel this need to stay up so that I can be miserable all day tomorrow due to the actual lack of sleep. I guess this is just my way of creating misery for myself.

This was a pretty good weekend. The quad went out for dinner Friday night at Portofino's and I ordered the special which was extra yummy... mahi mahi with clams and mussels and linguini. Very very tasty and I hope that it is a special again! From there we were supposed to go see Brokeback Mountain, but it was not to be. Our dinner took an extra long time to arrive (very unusual for this place) and by the time we got to the theatre we realized that we were indeed too late. So off to pick up Jenni and head to World Market for a fun shopping extravaganza and then to play Uno. Much fun was had by all...

Saturday... not much to talk about. I did manage to get my eyebrows waxed and get a pedicure. That was so taxing that it took me hours to recuperate. Later, after I managed to shower I went to buy groceries. Yeah food! Later I did stitch on my CSO and almost completed my first goal until my eyes started to cross and I realized that it was 1AM. Probably time to go to bed...

Sunday... Slept in, very nice! I did manage to fix some blueberry pancakes this morning. Yummy, yummy! Laid around most of the day until we decided that we should probably go to our house and remove the rest of the random things that are left. Joe noticed that the heat was running even though we turned it off... then we realized that the gas was turned off (we turned everything off when we thought we were closing a month ago). So I turned off the gas to the fireplace and we will need to go back and check the gas water heater and furnace to make sure that when the gas comes back on it is not spewing into the house. That would probably be bad. Oh yeah, we did drive by the house again today. Not too much to report, but Joe did take a picture of our beautiful new shingled roof. I will get around to posting that eventually. Finally went to dinner with friends at Harpers. Love this place! Had a fantastic meal and it was nice to hang out with friends that I don't see that often... BTW: hope you are enjoying my blog and tell your man not to make to much fun of me :-)

That is it for me... to sleepy to type anymore...

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Just for fun

I would just love to recieve this for Valentines... any takers?

Everyone loves Chewie, right?

Cute Sheep

Here is Happy Dance for me! Small, but a finish none the less. This is a cute sheepie (called Busy) from Shepherd's Bush. I love these and I think I have just about all of them now.

Here is my progress on Earthdancer as of yesterday. I would love to finish her this month, but I have been sidetracked by the Chatelaine Stitching Olympics... which is just an excuse to stitch on the Chatelaine I have started (and have been sadly neglecting) for the duration of the real Olympics. If I reach my stated goals then I will be able to proudly display an award on my blog. Yeah! I know everyone will be looking forward to this with great anticipation.


Here is a picture of our house from Friday. It is looking so good! It is exciting to drive out there and see the progress they are making. Today we drove out after dinner (very dark and cold) and we have our bathtubs and they are starting to add the plumbing. Progress is a wonderful thing. I do need to make a call tomorrow, since it looks like one of our shower/tub combos is covering part of the window... not sure how that was missed and they have not added Joe's closet in the bonus room, which concerns us because it looks like they are done framing. I guess that is why you check on their work.

I thought I would add this picture so you could see what are backyard view will look like. This is our master bedroom. Looking very lovely, just imagine a nice comfortable chair with a small side table.... can't wait!