Monday, December 14, 2009

the crud

Ugh! The crud has been beating me up all weekend and then miraculously I wake up this fine Monday morning and feel OK. Typical. I mean, I’m not well, but better. Well enough to go to work after I spent practically the entire weekend in bed. Yeah.

So, on the drive into work I hear Meghan talking about this game on the iPhone called Words with Friends. What can I say, been playing it all day with friends and family. Love it! My new favorite thing!

Joe took me out to dinner tonight at Mama Ricotta’s since I missed all the fun parties this weekend. Super sweet! Then he helped me get the tree up. Yep, you heard that right. I just put my tree up this evening and by put it up I mean all I have done is get it out of the box and fluff all the branches. Lights and decorations will have to wait for tomorrow cause now the sick seems to be creeping back in and I am worn out just from that.


In other fun news there was a package from my Aunt & Uncle in the mail today. I had no idea what it could be and I would have never guessed! It is a super cute yoga top with a koi fish. Super cute! I will totally be wearing this to my next class.


In other random news, I upgraded the bunny condo this weekend (about the only productive thing that was done). I attempted to get some good shots of them this evening, but their was little to no cooperation on their part as you can see.


Oh, and I am still working on the baby blanket. I have finished the 70th repeat with only two left. Then… the border. Can’t wait to finish this sucker up so I can work on something new and maybe a bit smaller. This thing is getting pretty big to be lugging around with me.


Sunday, December 06, 2009

chugging along

I’ve decided to start using more functions on my camera, hence the daily pictures that have been showing up here. I’m trying to take them first thing in the morning so I don’t get to distracted by the day.


Today was spent thinking about studying and then finally getting to it. My schedule for this class is going to be pretty tight for the next few days. I took the last quiz tonight then the last chapter test will be tomorrow and then I will most likely take the final on Wednesday. I have a feeling that Wednesday evening is going to be a big adrenaline crash. I will feel so much better when it’s done!

On a lighter note I am up to repeat 58 of the 72 required for the baby blanket. I’d take another picture, but really it looks just like it did last time… I’ll take more once I start on that border. Picking up all those stitches just has  be so excited, NOT!

Saturday, December 05, 2009


This morning I took a picture of Cletus. He’s really doing an amazing job of keeping the Northern Mockingbirds from using our new patio set as a jungle gym/toilet area. You go Cletus!


Not much else to tell today. Wasted time Goofed around on Facebook for a while then headed out to the farmer’s market and other mundane, but much needed errands. Now I’m home and contemplating a shower so that I can be presentable to meet up with friends tonight. Maybe just one more look at my farm on Facebook…

Friday, December 04, 2009

da plane! da plane!

We live relatively close to the airport, but luckily not under any of their current flight paths. Though, the ride in to work in the mornings takes me directly underneath one and super close to an actual landing strip. It’s pretty awesome to drive underneath a humongous plane in the morning and I have been attempting to get a pic of it. This is the best I could do today…


Thursday, December 03, 2009

moon and blankies

Took a pic of the moon as I was leaving the house this morning. Can you see it? Right above that cluster of trees in the middle…


Still working on the baby blanket. I’m more than halfway through the body of it and then on to the edging. Can’t wait to finish this thing so I can move on to the next item on my list. Yep, there’s a knitting list cause the closet is getting too out of control and it is no longer making me happy to open those doors. The yarn must be knit!


Wednesday, December 02, 2009

random things and some food

Here we are in December and  I seem to have completely missed blogging about Thanksgiving. Of course, the entire thing was filled with nothing but pecan pie… maybe a little turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, really just food in general. Oh and did I mention family? I may not talk about them a lot here, but it’s really nice to get everyone together and just hang out at Mom and Dad’s. Maybe do a little shopping and did I mention eating? Good times!

I really didn’t take any Thanksgiving pictures since that seems to be brothers job. So here is a nice picture of the evening sky as we were headed home on Sunday. It was really quite lovely. A lot nicer than the image I caught here. The clouds were really amazing!


Then Tuesday morning I awoke to this…


Weird, especially when you drive to the corner, make a left and it’s completely gone. Not a speck of fog to be seen. Seems someone must have left the Christmas fog maker on next door.

Tuesday night I headed over to the monthly Charlotte Knitting Guild meeting and ate lots of food (I’m sensing a theme here) and participated in the white elephant game. Fun! I was the lucky person that ended up going first which meant I got the pick of the gifts at the end. I picked up this cutey patooty tape measure from Lantern Moon. I mean, a girl can never have enough tape measures.


So, that’s it for now. I’m still knitting on the baby blanket and I’m pretty sure I have finally passed the half way mark. Whoo! I’m starting to feel like it may never end. Just wait till I get to pick up all those stitches for the border. Awesome!