Friday, December 24, 2010

a good day

What a lovely day! First I got to spend some quality sleep fun time with Leeloo. She looks so innocent, no?

Leeloo innocent

Oh, am I not supposed to be on the stairs?

It seems that the pillow needs to be “taken care of”.

Totally exhausted. Note that it is apparently more comfortable to not sleep on the squishy pillow.

Later Joe and I went out to a late lunch at La Mediterranee in Pac Heights. Yummy! We had hummus, a spinach salad, and a mixed plate. Would totally eat there again. Afterwards we roamed around the neighborhood and stopped in a couple of shops and just generally fooled around. Then Joe was nice enough to take me over to Imagiknit so I could do some pre-Christmas yarn shopping for yours truly.

I bought some really gorgeous Malabrigo Rios. Two  skeins are for my scarf and two are for Joe’s. I’ll let you decide which two belong together.

For Christmas Eve festivities we’re headed over to Yoshi’s for a show. I’ll let you know how that was tomorrow. For now it’s time for a dog walk and dinner.

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