Monday, February 12, 2007


I am moving to my very own domain. You can find me here.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

i heart vegas

Have I mentioned here that I love Vegas? Maybe it's all the shiny lights and loud clunky sounds, but I think that it is just FUN to be there. Joe and I went late last week for our "honeymoon in vegas". We were not able to have a proper honeymoon when we were married ten years ago so we decided that this would be it. The official honeymoon.

We were able to hit Old Vegas this time, which we hadn't had a chance to do on prior visits. It was interesting to see the old signs (next time I would like to go at night to see them lit up), but other than that not much else to see.

However, we did get a chance to eat some of these...

Do you know what this is? Fried twinkie and fried oreos. Now, for those who know me, you know I love me some fried goodness. But I think, dear friends, that this steps over the line into sheer madness. These things actually made me sick to my stomach. Not at first, but the stomach ache lingered for several hours.

You may appreciate the casino in which we purchased said fried treats.

These women were wooing us into the place and gave us free shiny mardi gras beads and a chance to win some sort of prize in a drawing. But in the end what got us was the fried delights.

We did see Love while we were there. It was amazing as all Cirque du Soleil's tend to be. This one was very different as it was based on Beatles songs and therefore did not have the live music that they normally have, but they used the songs extremely well in telling there story.

The last evening we were there we went to a new restaurant at the Venetian called Tao. OMG!! Seriously, this was some of the best food I have ever had. For the appetizer we ordered the Satay of Chilean Sea Bass with Wok Roasted Asparagus. Long name for probably the best thing I have ever eaten in my life. I could have eaten plates and plates of this. It was outstanding! We spoke to the waiter, while looking at the desserts, and told him we were there for our belated ten year anniversary. We ordered the giant fortune cookies that was filled with chocolate mouse on one side and white chocolate mouse on the other. YUM!! When they brought it out they had written Happy 10 yr Anniversary on the plate. So nice! and delicious!

Friday, February 02, 2007

bling does not fly

On Wednesday Joe and I left for Vegas. Note to self: big chunky necklaces may not make it through the metal detector. Other than that and the flight being an hour late, all was well.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

a list and some random thoughts

Today's list:
check CS file
clean bathroom
clean bedroom
call MI warranty
grocery store
fish tank

This has got to be so fascinating for you guys. My lists of what I should and actually do in a day. Wow!

As I was driving around today I noticed that the flags are still flying at half mast, which brings me to the question: How long do the flags stay at half mast when a President dies?
I know President Ford died in December, but it seems like the flags have been flying this way for a very long time. According to Wikipedia a current or former president gets 30 days of flag treatment. Very interesting...

Other than that it has been a day of lunch with a friend, running errands, and cleaning up around the house. I can't believe how many times I have to clean up the freakin kitchen. I guess when you actually use it other than for fixing cereal in the evenings things actually get dirty.

Alrighty peeps! I am off to get some beauty sleep.

easy post...

Interesting site. I received the same answer using my maiden name as well.... seems like there would be someone out there with my name. I am beginning to doubt the power of the internet.
LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Sunday, January 14, 2007

mermaid crazy

She is working up quite nicely. I have started working on her head and face, which may help with the what are you stitching question... For those who are interested, I am stitching her skin over one which should add more depth and detail to her. A bit tedious, but it looks like it is going to add a lot to the overall project.

For mom... if you would like to see a bigger version, you should be able to click on the picture below and it will open up in a different window.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

tiny weekend update

So, yes, I took a short hiatus from putting my list out here for all to see and then wonder what in the world do these things mean, and/or why does she even have to write some of this stuff down?? Welcome to my world of senility and just odd stuff in general. If it is not written down it will never get done. Of course, writing it down does not actually mean it will get done, but it just makes it a teeny weeny bit more likely that it will.

Short entry today as I am off to get some dinner and bowl!

Today's List:
fill birdfeeder
fish tank
grocery store
throw out pumpkin

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

news of work

News from yesterday... I accepted the new job that I was offered, which means I will be leaving my current place of employment where I have been for the last 3 1/2 years. I am a little sad, but feel like in the end I have made the right decision to move on. So, using that as an excellent excuse I did a whole lot of stitching last night. A good two hours at least. For those that are interested I should be able to get another picture of her this weekend.

Since, I was celebrating last night I did not do much on my list. Actually, the only thing I did do was for purely for self absorbed reasons... Tonight is another story. I plan on slaying the list tonight!!

Yesterday's List:
mani appt
mail package
TJ Maxx

Sunday, January 07, 2007

stitching and cooking

Funny how a picture of her looks more detailed than what I see in real life. Not to say she isn't super purty and sparkly and stuff in real life... but, yeah, interesting.

Don't feel like I accomplished much today. Maybe I should blame Joe for forcing me to go to Target today. So much time was freakin wasted at the store. Ok, not really, but it was worth a try. I did however, accomplish one of my resolutions today. At least working towards that goal I would say. I cooked breakfast for Joe, his parents and brother. I have to give some credit to Mike since he did cook the eggs and bacon. I fearlessly prepared the blueberry pancakes. Ya gotta start somewhere, right?? Not only that, I cooked dinner tonight. That in itself is a huge accomplishment in my book. So what did I make? Shrimp in mustard sauce (Everyday Food, October 2006), tasty! I also made some rice and brocolli to go with. Oh, and I drank some wine, by myself, thanks Lenore.

While I am on the topic of food, Joe found a pretty cool website about food. It is called Slashfood. Why? No idea.I am sure there is some really profound reason that name was chosen. Anyway, good site, you should check it oot.

I think this all that I am good for this evening.

Today's list:
mulch -- I call a rain out on this one
take picture of SSM
laundry -- towels... aaaah!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

why lists are good

I actually feel like I got some things accomplished today. I think that posting my lists is a bit of a motivator, you know? It's a bit embarrassing to post a list of things that you didn't accomplish. I mean, I don't expect to get every single item on the list done cause sometimes I tend to just keep adding on and on and on. But it is nice to see a list of items marked off the list with only a few being moved to the next day.

Today's list:
laundry -- does this item ever end??
yoga mat -- now non scary to lay on
fish tank -- i am sure the fish appreciate fresh clean water
grocery store
upgrade blogger now on to getting my website up...
cardio -- notice this item goes back to my resolutions for this year...

Yesterday's list

We were pretty busy yesterday after work. We met some friends at Cajun Queen for dinner, highly recommended! That was some really great food! Afterwards we headed out for some dancing and fun. So sleepy... by the time we got home I was ready for some much needed sleep.

Yesterday's list:
clean yoga mat- i think i can smell that thing from here...
fish tank
call doctors office
make chiro appt
order Smokey supplies

Thursday, January 04, 2007

secret job stuff

I don't talk about work much here since you hear all of the crazy stories about people talking about there job and then WHAMMO! they are fired for something or other. Well, I need to get this out so job beware, I am talking about you now. My current department has been eliminated and the 15th is my last day. I have been offered a position internally, but it is my second choice. What is choice one? Since, I am afeared of divulging too much on this, oh so public, blog I will say that it is my number one choice and waiting for a response is causing me much anxiety. I did receive an offer yesterday evening, which I felt the need to counter this morning. Now we wait some more. waitwaitwaitwait. So here I am waiting. Waiting until tomorrow to what I hope is a much needed and positive phone call. Cross your fingers and wish me luck!

Today's list:
Christmas tree
clean yoga mat
mail package
fish tank

Ha! some things did get done today.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I have started list making again in an attempt to get things done.

Today's list:

What I am realizing is that I am easily distracted, which is why I don't get everything accomplished. This may not be a revelation to the rest of you, but, well there you go. I cleaned most of the kitchen, the rest will have to be on tomorrow's list, but updating money was what got me. Put me in front of a computer and a time vortex sucks it all away. So, I checked my emails and started going through them to clean out the ones that needed to be deleted and then I realized that I hadn't watched all of the files that had been sent or archived some of the websites I wanted to save, etc etc etc and then it was time for bed. Goodnight.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Day of Fun

I had grand plans of writing up my to do list today and really being productive once I got home. We were even going to run to Macy's after work buy some bowls to complete the set . So now you are probably wondering, what happened? what could have possibly gone wrong? It was the evil dentist! Ok, the dentist wasn't exactly evil, but it was the aftermath of the cavity carnage that really sucked. Mr. Dentist had to use a lot of novacaine on the right side (two cavities will do that to a person) and it apparently numbed my head all the way up to my eyeball. My eyeball people! My eyeball felt all dry and scratchy and I said to Mr. Dentist's assistant, Is my eye numb?? and she said, yeah sometimes that happens. WOW! Who new? Well, the worst part was actually the pain after the novacaine started to wear off. I even left work early because of the assault on my molars.

So here I am. On the couch. Suffering through the pain. Ok, I did take some Advil, but I am kind of freaked out by the large holes that had to be drilled into my teeth. And I am a bit freaked out by eating right now too. I guess that might work out well for the resolution to lose a bit of weight, though.