Sunday, November 07, 2010

done! well, almost

I know everyone has been waiting so impatiently on an update of my craft room. Seriously. This has got to be high drama for the people of the interwebs.

The thrilling part is that I actually did not procrastinate at all on this project*. With Joe’s help I sorted and arranged every picture we owned and tossed the dupes, of which there were many. Once I had a grasp on how many we were talking about I promptly ordered the correct box for shipping. Thursday, after having said box for only two days, sat down and packed it up. I know! All that was left was to get this sucker in the mail Saturday** Well, not entirely all. I’ve ordered a second box that will take care of the remainder and then all of our pictures will be officially part of the digital age!

So what to do with that extra space? I’m sure it will be put to good yarn storage use. Next up is magazines… srsly? Why on earth do I feel the need to save/buy all those magazines? Anyone? Anyone?

I think it’s now time to get back to knitting on Serenity. Cause I’m worth it!


* at least so far…

** the box weighs approximately eleventy billion pounds and I’m not going to haul it around the city on a bus to get it to the post office.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

may I have a random tuesday?

Don’t answer that… it’s rhetorical.

A bit of random for today:

  • Cleaning up my craft room has created a short term disaster to the already insane space. Suffice it to say that I have stacks of photos all over and I’m patiently waiting on a box to stuff them in so they can be scanned. This really can’t happen quickly enough.
  • Remember that desk I was going to reward myself with? It was sold.
  • I voted today, did you?
  • While voting I attempted to get my I Voted 2010 badge via foursquare, but I’m convinced that my phone totally hates me.
  • I have tried to watch my most recent Netflix movie for the past four days with no success.
  • That sock I was gloating about a few posts back? It’s in time out and may not be coming out in one piece.
  • And speaking of knitting. I’ve been working on Serenity, but am at a standstill because I don’t understand the instructions.
  • I just ordered Paxti’s Pizza cause I’m starving and their pizza is delicious.

The end.