Saturday, December 25, 2010

it’s christmas

It’s been a nice couple of days here. Last night we went to Yoshi’s to see Clairedee perform her annual Christmas Eve show and it was really wonderful! The music was great and we shared a table with a couple super nice ladies. Good times!

I realize today is Christmas, but even though I tried to make things festive and we ate cookies and pepperoni rolls sent from our mom’s and opened gifts it’s just not the same without the rest of your family. Now, don’t go feeling sorry for us or anything. We had gifts to open and I was able to use the ceramic Christmas tree my mom painted way back in the 80’s. Pretty!

And there’s always the Yule Holiday Log channel. I really tried to take a picture of Santa’s arm coming in and stoking the fire, but I just didn’t have the patience to sit around and wait for the phantom arm to show up again.

yule log

What was really nice about today is that Leeloo took a nap mid morning and I was able to get several pattern rows done on the shawl. I am getting really excited about wearing it, but that dang chart is complicated and if I’m not totally focused on it I tend to miss the yarn overs. Super annoying.

In the afternoon we went to see Tron Legacy in 3-D. Loved it! I thought they did a really great job in moving the story forward. Interesting side note, after the movie I mentioned to Joe that I was going to put the original Tron (from 1982) in my Netflix queue and he said it probably isn’t there. Something about Disney being embarrassed about it cause it was really bad. Hmmm… so yeah, not currently available on Netflix and I checked Amazon to see if it was available. So? Yeah, it’s available. But only from third party sellers for crazy prices. No one seems to be selling it retail. Check here for what I found. I find things like this intriguing. It’s like Lucas updating the original Star Wars. It’s just weird. You just can’t compare a movie made today to one made 20 + years ago. Things change. You can’t remake the past. Time to move forward.

Speaking of moving forward. I’ve also been working on my big Noro blanket. I happened to unfold it today, which apparently I hadn’t done in forever. Wow! It’s much bigger than I realized. Heh. I feel like I might be able to finish this thing up sometime in 2011. I guess that makes it a New Years Resolution.

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