Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Looks like I am slowly figuring out to use some of the tools on this blog... I guess I am just technologically challenged as some of my friends may be aware!

Life seems to be plodding along. Work has been a bit stressful the past two days, but that is to be expected with the end of the month. Joe is in Philadelphia tonight so I am on my own... Cindy came over to keep me company for a bit as Mike is out of town as well. Thanks Cindy!

I did finish up a Christmas ornament that I was working on, hopefully I will get a picture of it for all to see. It's really cute!

Joe purchased a shiny new Dell laptop and he is super excited so you all should ask him about it. I continue to purchase a lot of small items to make up the difference.

Ok, very sleepy and need to get some sleep. Good night!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

This is our crappy back yard! I sorta let the weeds get out of control back here. I did do some weeding this weekend so the very tall weeds in front of the windows are now gone. I guess that is some progress. Posted by Picasa

This was from last weekend. So pretty I just had to take a picture, except I almost passed out from the heat! Posted by Picasa

Joe took this picture a few weeks ago. This praying mantis was on top of my car in the garage. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 14, 2005


I really wanted to post some pictures I had taken in the yard, but I am stumped! Joe has finally allowed me to download the appropriate programs, so of course now I can't get it to work. I have been messing with this stuff for an hour and I give up. So picture of my weedy yard (soon to be unweedy) and some pretty yard bugs will have to wait. Stay tuned... it might just get exciting around here.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


I finally decided to start a blog. I have been tossing the idea around lately and I thought it might be fun for family and friends to see what an exciting life I really lead, plus I have this urgent need to conform. I am not sure what will be here as of yet, except a lot of run on sentences!

Stay tuned and let me know what you think.