Saturday, March 13, 2010

one week anniversary

This past Saturday I did what I thought to be the impossible. I ran a 5K. Not only did I run it, but I ran it without stopping. I realize this may not seem like a huge deal to most people, but I am a certified couch potato. Exercise is not my thing people!

Howeva, I decided that 2010 was going to be the year I start taking care of myself. This was mostly to take care of my crazed neck muscles that were delivering headaches on an almost daily basis (no wonder I’m so cranky all the time). Yet, I realized that I really need to take care of my health in other ways as well, so I signed up for a running class 10 weeks ago. After 9 weeks of running with this group it culminated in the Alston+Bird LLP Corporate Cup Challenge 5K. Here we are before the race. OK, so maybe I don’t look that thrilled to be there, but I am still working on the morning person thing…


With some encouragement from my running partner Jennifer we ran it. Ran it like we meant business. And it was fun! Next Saturday I’ll be at the Shamrock 4 Miler, maybe I’ll see you there.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

london revisited

I’m not sure what possesses me to think I’m going to blog while on vacation when blogging in the comfort of my own home is nigh on impossible as it is.

This may be a bit of a long post, but the following is the highlight reel of our trip to London, which by the way, was such a good time!

On Friday we headed over to the Borough Market. This place is totally worth a visit if you’re in town. Great to grab a bite to eat (pretty much standing room only) or just shop around for a few yummy tidbits while the locals grocery shop.

Lots of good looking food for sale.

London_Feb2010 (128)

I found some great fish ‘n chips with LOTS of salt and vinegar added.

London_Feb2010 (140)

Joe found a place that had three different giant paella pans going.

London_Feb2010 (165)

He ended up with the curry I believe.

London_Feb2010 (166)

Buy me!

London_Feb2010 (159)

Then it was lots and lots of walking. We did get to see the London Bridge. It was great except that someone parked that great big naval boat over their to the right… I see some picture cropping in my future.

London_Feb2010 (189)

Saturday we woke up late (this was pretty much a theme of the trip) and decided we should head over to the British Museum. Wow! This place would take days to go through so we concentrated on the time pieces

London_Feb2010 (295)

and the Egyptian items.

London_Feb2010 (316)

After that it was time to pick up our Lady GaGa tickets at the music store and then grab some dinner before the show.

mmmmm… street food!

 London_Feb2010 (333)

The Lady GaGa show was just fabulous! It was absolutely worth flying to London!

London_Feb2010 (416)

London_Feb2010 (445)

Because we are completely ridiculous we went to Harrods and spent hours browsing this completely oversized, yet fascinating store. You could buy an apple or a writing pen that will set you back 20 grand. Who wouldn’t want to shop at a place like that?

One tip we learned for anyone wanting to spend some time there. Pictures of the store in general are just fine, but don’t even think about taking one of a particular item. Joe tried and was politely yet firmly told it was not acceptable. Ahhh, gots to love the British.

Before we left we did make it to see the changing of the guards (quite by accident). Different than I recall. I thought they wore red.

London_Feb2010 (567)

Took a pleasant walk through St James Park where the crocus’ were just coming up.

London_Feb2010 (604)

And made it over to Trafalgar Square.

London_Feb2010 (673)

That pretty much finishes that up. I feel like their was so much we didn’t get a chance to do. I guess that leaves it open for another visit…

Joe was kind enough to go with me to two knitting stores in London as well, but I want to get some picks of my booty before I blog about that. Oh, and there is such a list of things for me to talk about right now, but I am done!