Thursday, February 25, 2010

holy catnap batman!

Wow! We are in London! Can you believe it?

We left yesterday at 6:15PM east coast time and arrived in London around 7:45AM London time. We were exhausted. Luckily we were able to upgrade to first class and hang out in the lovely USAir Club before the flight.


The food in first class is ridiculous! We ate so much food that I just thought I was going to pop.


I just wish I could sleep normal on a plane. Everything swells up including my sinus’… although, it was better sleep than I could have gotten in the back.

We checked into our room, which is lovely by the way, and headed out to see some sights before we collapsed. We took the underground straight over to the Eye of London.


It was raining off and on.


This is one amazing contraption!


We got back to the room and completely passed out for a few hours. After our somewhat refreshing nap we decided to head out for some dinner. For some reason the Underground wasn’t letting anyone on so we just walked around near our hotel looking for somewhere good to eat.

Along the way we passed by Westminster Cathedral. It looked really beautiful lit up at night.


We ended up at a restaurant one of my work buddies had suggested. If you’re in London I would definitely recommend stopping by Wagamama’s. The food was delicious and definitely hit the spot after walking around in the chilly rain.


That’s it for tonight. Off to bed so we can get a fresh start in the morning.

Friday, February 12, 2010

week of goodness

It’s been a good week! Besides the fact I can’t stop thinking about our trip to London in a few weeks (have I mentioned the fact that we are seeing Lady GaGa in concert there?), good things have been happening over here. Monday I ran farther than I have since junior high. About 3/4 mile. That is an accomplishment for my no cardio doing self.

Tuesday I met a friend and a couple of new ones for a fun evening of knitting. Go knitters!

Wednesday… Wednesday was the day we finally got our new door. You know, the door that was required after some young hooligans decided to kick in our door and steal our stuff. That door.

Here is the last of our old broken in door. Yes mom, the old door parts are safe in a box in the dining room. Even the kick plate if you want it.


The gaping hole that is just dying for a shiny new entry door! It’s worth noting that it was very cold that day.


Look at that perty thing! We are totally in love with it. Oh, and the storm door? So nice to open the door and not actually be outside. What a concept!


Then there’s Friday. Did I mention it was getting cold this week? Well, today we actually started to get snow. Not yucky wet gross rainy stuff. Actual real live snow.


As we made our way home the snow started to come down more and more.


So pretty!


So we came home and marveled at the snow a bit and then decided to get down to business of dinner. I recommend Pizzadillas from Rachel Ray’s book. Yummy!


Oh and maybe a glass or two of wine while we watch the Olympics Opening Ceremonies. So inspiring! Go watch!


Thursday, February 04, 2010

a few things

It’s been an interesting few days here. Monday was a fab mail day due to the arrival of my first installment of the 2010 Socks That Rock Club. I almost didn’t sign up this year, but I am thrilled that I caved to that one.

** For anyone reading who has not received their shipment and wants a surprise I would recommend heading off to another web page now…

I took pictures on Monday that are so-so, but here they are anyway. Really need to work on those camera skills.
















It’s hard to tell, but it is the most lovely color! I started knitting up the Cascadia sock as soon as I could get a hold of the size one needles I needed. Can’t wait to get these done!

On a not so great note I feel like I have been fighting with the window and door people about installation. Two different companies with two different issues. The window people came today and thankfully realized that the replacement window had a broken seam before they removed the original window that has essentially the same problem. Now we have to reschedule that visit…

The door people will finally be coming on Wednesday and I am just not confident that the sensor for the alarm system is going to be OK. Too long of a story to go into here, but I really should not be the middle man in that conversation. I am just not the expert on either door or alarm sensor installation.

Finally there is the Best News Evah! Joe and I have booked a trip to London and while we are there we will be seeing Lady GaGa in concert. Can you believe it! Joe threw the idea out earlier this week and we booked the tickets today. I am crazy excited!!

Can’t think of anything that tops that bit of news. Will try to keep this blog up and running on more of a regular basis. Of course, we all know how that’s worked out.

Monday, February 01, 2010

oh, the weather outside is frightful

Yeesh! Quite the weather pattern we’re having here. We came back from WV to this…


Of course, WV looked like this…


Didn’t think my car was going to make it up that hill Saturday morning. There may have been some slippage on the way up.


This weekend was a special one. We celebrated my parents 50th wedding anniversary. Amazing! When I think about them being together for 50 years it just seems unfathomable. Yet, Joe and I have already been married for 13 years and it seems like no time at all.

I managed to take only a few pictures at the party, but the view out the windows was just lovely. And that cake was delicious. This was the wedding reception my parents didn’t have 50 years ago when they eloped!


I did manage to get a good picture of Joe after the toast.


It was a really wonderful weekend. The highlight was hearing stories about the two of them. Stories we had never heard before. As a child it’s sometimes hard to remember that your parents were once young and in love. Impulsive and daring. They were great stories!