Wednesday, December 01, 2010

a new goal

And… she’s back, again. This time with yet another ambitious project.

This month I’m joining NaBloPoMo, which I believe I tried once a while back and if I remember correctly I failed miserably. So here I am, try, try, trying again. This month’s theme is Zeitgeist, which they are defining as “capturing the mood of your culture and your life as they exist right now.” December is going to be a busy month and I expect I should have plenty to write about. Of course, that typically has not been my downfall. My downfall has been actually taking the time to sit down and write about it. I am a born procrastinator. Doing those absolutely non-essential things just so that the essential things can be done in a panic at the last second and with great anxiety. I am awesome.

In order to attempt to cultivate some better habits I have joined a site called Health Month, which is a pretty fun site where you can set goals for yourself and then check in daily to see how you’re doing. I’ve done it for the past two months and did great the first round and miserable the second. I’m back for a third try in December to try and get back on track. My goals being:

Take vitamins 6 days a week
Meditate 3 days a week
Blog every day

My goals may not seem particularly difficult, but for me goal setting can be challenging in my personal time. I’ve never seemed to have to much trouble with this in a work setting, but when it comes to my own time it seems an impossibility. Strange, I realize, but true none the less.

So keep your eyes open and feel free to send me nasty grams if I start to slack off. Motivation is key!

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