Tuesday, December 14, 2010

puppy school, really

Another busy day. Sometimes I feel like my life is a whirlwind of activity. Mostly puppy activity, but we all know that’s to be expected. I mean, it’s not like I got a puppy and thought she would just train herself. Though, that would have been really awesome!

Tonight we took her to puppy school, which is really more for us than for her. I really have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing, but feel like I have a bit more of a grasp on this training thing now. I’ll let you know in a week or so if I’m eating those words. Heh.

I’ve actually been able to get some knitting time in, which has been so very nice. Nothing too complicated, my Orchid Thief has been waiting patiently on the sidelines for a time when I can concentrate on all that lace. Tinking back is not much fun on that thing and I speak from experience… No, I’ve been working on a nice simple ribbed scarf that I can pick up and put down as the need arises. Perfect for me at the moment.

In the meantime I’ve been daydreaming about some sort of sweater to knit. So far I’ve found two that intrigue me. One is Collins, which of course the lovely tweedy yarn that was used has been discontinued. I’m sure I can find some sort of substitute, but I really don’t like putting that much effort into these things. Then there’s Paper Dolls, which I saw someone knit with Madelinetosh merino light and it’s just beautiful. The only downside to this one is that I’ve not done any colorwork before and I’m not sure I want to experiment on a sweater.

So there you have my knitting and puppy adventures for the day. See you tomorrow!

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