Tuesday, December 21, 2010

out of her shell

Our baby is growing up. We went to puppy school tonight a little early for a short puppy play time and she didn’t hug the wall! She actually pounced and chased and acted like an actual well adjusted puppy. I’m such a proud momma. Of course, towards the end the instructor was using her as an example on how to get them to wait for their food bowl (not rush it) and the instructor accidently kicked the bowl and scared poor Leeloo half to death. She wouldn’t even eat yummy treats out of it after that. Oh well, I guess we can’t expect too much after only a few weeks.

I would post some pictures or video of tonight, but we were too distracted by the cuteness. We’ll have to get some next week cause you have to meet the other cuties in her class. Sometimes it’s hard to concentrate with all the puppiness everywhere.

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