Monday, April 27, 2009

a finish and then some starts...

I wrapped up (pun totally intended) the Clapotis recently so I thought I would share some pictures.

Yuzen Clapotis 4-26-09 (3)

Yuzen Clapotis 4-26-09 (2)

The top photo shows it more in it's true colors. I really should take a picture with it on so you can get the full effect. I'll go put that on my to do list...

I also started a couple of things as well.

Rowan Cozy 4-26-09

This is Cozy knitted in the Rowan Summer Tweed I bought at Knit in Charleston, SC. Cute store if you get the chance to go. It's my first time knitting anything this large with cotton. Now I see why some complain about knitting with it. Little to no give. It can make your hands hurt after a bit, but I have been doing OK with it. Just hoping I bought enough to make this long enough to wrap around me.

Noro blanket 4-27-09

Not much to show here, but this is the beginning of a blanket. The Shortrow Spiral by Sarah Bradberry. Here is the Rav link.

Alright, off to get ready for yoga. Need to get my exercise on!

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Michelle @ Find Your Balance said...

So cool! I wish I knew how to knit. Such a great skill and hobby!