Sunday, May 10, 2009

the spider’s are coming

I am beginning to feel a bit like the spiders have a vendetta against me. To begin with, I have an insane fear of them so it would be nice if they would just leave me alone. They can hang outside all they want, but pleasepleaseplease do not come into my home. Is that asking too much? Apparently.

So, the vendetta thing. A couple of weeks ago I was home alone and I found one of those big, fast, icky wolf spiders sitting right next to the laundry basket in the bedroom. What to do? I am home, alone, with no one to kill the spider and their is no way I can sleep at night knowing he is running around the house somewhere cause you know he’s not waiting around for Joe to get home to be squished. So I decide i am going to have to take care of him myself. I am terrified. I first decide to throw a magazine on him and that should be that. Well, apparently the carpet was soft enough that he just sprinted out from under that thing and RIGHT AT ME!! Now I’m completely freaked out and trapped in the bathroom. Oh, and there may have been some screaming involved. Awesome! I realize I need to use much heavier arsenal, I mean I really cant get close enough to him to step on him cause he might eat my leg jump on me… it could happen. I throw my text book at him and he runs out from under it as well, but this time he heads in the other direction and out onto the wood floor. Wrong move icky spider. The textbook is tossed again and that is that. Of course, for the rest of the evening I had to walk around that book and knew that it was going to come out and get me. Paranoid much?

That would have been the end of that, except two days later his smaller friend was sitting in the SAME EXACT spot on the floor. I sent Joe to get him. Another one down. Then, on Friday I am happily driving home, minding my own business when I look at the steering wheel and realize a teeny tiny miniature spider is attached to said wheel and floating towards me. I know, he’s tiny, I mean really tiny, but the phobia is strong and I am panicking. Must not let it touch me. I manage to destroy it with my phone and continue home without side swiping anyone. Then, today, I am leaving a friends house and see something out of the corner of my eye and their is another spider dangling from the ceiling of my car. Are you kidding me! I was able to stop in the neighborhood and get him out with a piece of paper. Oh! I almost forgot the other one… Joe drove my car on Tuesday and it was pouring the rain so he was using the umbrella. When he put the umbrella back in the car a huge spider crawled out from inside of it. Joe assures me he got it out of the car before it crawled off the umbrella and into the nether regions of my car.

That is five spiders in two weeks. I haven't seen that many in my house this whole fall and winter, possibly the past year. I am not happy and really feel like something is crawling on me just writing this. *sigh* I need to get back to the Sunday cleaning, but maybe some knitting is what I really need!

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