Thursday, April 23, 2009


Time for a bit of an update…

  1. The problem tooth is doing much better. The only downside is that I have to go back for the completion of the root canal on my birthday. It was either that or wait another two weeks to get this thing taken care of. My birthday it is.
  2. I finished the Clapotis shawl!!! Finished it last night while watching the final episode of BSG. Yes, I know it aired a month ago, but my friend (who does not have a DVR) and I are slow to plan and get together. I will take some pictures of the shawl this weekend. Blocked or not.
  3. Today I signed up for the fall session. Talk about planning ahead, classes don’t even start until mid August. Although, this means I will actually be taking a class I NEED to get into a nursing program. This also means that in my mind I have been set back a semester due to all of the nursing programs in the immediate area dropping the Chemistry course that was required when I signed up in the Spring, but is now not a requirement. Super!

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