Wednesday, April 15, 2009

the toothy revolt of 2008-9

The title there… refers to my actual teeth. The ones in my head. The ones that have decided it’s time to turn bad. In the past couple of years I have gone from normal tiny no big deal cavities to two root canals, which include caps for each, and additional good size cavities to boot. That is why I was beginning to get suspicious of an ache in the gum around one of my supposed already dead teeth. It’s dead, I’m not supposed to be feeling anything up there. Nothing. Nada.

So I go to the dentist today. They adjust the bite, that’s not the problem I said. They took an x-ray. Guess what… abscess. That’s right, it’s infected. The tooth that is supposed to be dead and out of my hair is now a problem. The x-ray proves it.


The offending tooth is the one on the left. The obvious evil is that dark spot on the left root… it’s friend is on the middle root. Not so obvious from my really great iPhone photo.

Tomorrow I go to an endodontist for a consultation to see if they can perform an apicoectomy. Awesome! Well, at least I am on some crazy horse pill of an antibiotic that I have fondly named yeast infection in a bottle. Seriously, 875 mg twice a day. No flora or fauna can survive that onslaught. My only bright spot is that I discovered this well in advance of my trip to Europe. Can you imagine if this had happened over there? I can see it now… excuse me do you speak English? Yes? Great, I need a referral for a local endodontist… thanks!

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