Friday, April 17, 2009

a toothy update

Time for a toothy type update.

Yesterday morning I went to the friendly neighborhood endodontist. He was super nice and after completing his exam, which included checking to make sure my tooth wasn’t cracked… actually surprised it was still intact considering everything else that has been happening in this maw, but I digress… His final verdict was to go for a plain old root canal do-over. Not that other thing that I talked about yesterday, but go right through the crown and clean it all out again. Apparently, it is not all that uncommon to have to have your root canal done again. According to this guy he may even find a canal that was missed the first time. Apparently some roots have more than one nerve canal. Who knew! Well probably all the teeth experts out there, but not me.

So Monday afternoon I am scheduled for yet another root canal. They’re actually not much worse than getting a decent size cavity filled. But seriously! Another one? And one that has already been done? Sometimes I think I must have angered the Tooth Fairy at some point… previous life maybe? Cause I sure don’t remember doing anything!

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Michelle @ Find Your Balance said...

Oh no! Dental procedures are never fun. Good luck!