Saturday, January 03, 2009

the closet

While Joe was taking some time off work he has spent some of the time painting. Painting the guest bath, painting the guest bedroom, and painting our huge walk in closet. The closet by far is our favorite... it looks so great in there! Here's a pic of part of our shiny new closet.

painted closet

That then leads me to the shoes... lots and lots of shoes. This was a good time to purge some, but I am still left with quite a few. Have I mentioned that I really love shoes? They are so pretty! Oh and no counting of the shoes, my shoes are thrilled to have so many friends to hang out with when I am gone. Plus, they get a bit lonely if they can't throw big parties in the giant closet.

my shoes (2)

While I was moving my shoes back into the closet I came across a shoe box I didn't recognize. So, what do I do? Why, open it up of course! At first I just thought it was some of Joe's Star Wars plushies, but upon further investigation realized that underneath was the signed Star Wars picture that we had considered "lost in the move" over two years ago. Apparently, it was having a good time partying with the shoes to let us know where he had been all this time... Joe had it on the wall in about 2.37 seconds after I showed it to him. I love it when I can make his day!


This morning I got up early to volunteer with Animal Control. The first Saturday of every month you will more than likely find me at the South Park Mall Adoption Event. So much fun to find a home for some poor little guy who needs a home. Here we are setting up in the middle court. All doggies must stay on the giant plastic mat so we don't ruin their pretty marble floor!


And here is Bear! So cute! He found a really good home today.

1-3-09 (3)

Last but not least. Actually, totally not least! This a gift I received from my Aunt and Uncle when they were on their recent trip to Hawaii. It is an original oil painting and is really beautiful! Can't wait to find the perfect spot to hang it...

Oil painting

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Suz said...

Bear is adorable!!!

I love the shoes picture. I like your animal print heels, I'm hoping to pick up a pair this year, myself :)