Wednesday, January 07, 2009

another day

So yeah, I didn’t blog yesterday. Did anyone even notice? Is anyone out there?

OK, so what happened yesterday? I blame it on the diet. Cause you know it must never be my fault that something is not done, I must place the blame elsewhere, haha. Today I blame it on WeightWatchers and those crazy points! Actually, I’ve been doing pretty well with it the past few weeks. I have even dropped a few pounds here and there. Then there was yesterday. Yesterday was bad. Yesterday was fine until it was dinner time and then the fowl mood of hunger took over. Snappy McHungry showed up and it was on! Even after I was able to fix some dinner and have a few minutes to myself the mood lingered. It lingered on into the evening and gave me an even better excuse not to do the list of things I had planned to do and just sit on the couch and read. That led to falling asleep on the couch with Joe and I finally getting up about 1:30 to go to bed. Fun.

Today seems to be a better day. I don’t feel quite as grouchy, but I have been slacking on the eating. You know what, sometimes you need to take a break from the rigid and just do what you feel like from time to time. The key here is to not make this excuse at the drop of a hat or mood as the case may be. Tomorrow is another day!

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