Friday, January 09, 2009

ch ch change

Getting back to January’s theme  I have been thinking of things that I feel I need to do to make myself a healthier happier Judi. One of these things is to remove all fake sweeteners from my diet.  The problem with this is that I <3 Diet Dr Pepper. Really, I think it is the best drink out there… it tops them all. There is going to be quite a hump for me to get over on this one. I really don’t drink a lot, but I do tend to have my one in the afternoon for a bit of caffeine and that lovely sweet taste. But then, there is that niggling in the back of my head wondering if this stuff made in a lab is really what I need to be putting into my body. Well, I have decided the answer is no. And that means no more diet sodas for me, which pretty much rules out all soda since that is all I drink anyway.

Alrighty then, on to more interesting things than my lost love of diet sodas. Wednesday I took a couple of pictures of my life right after work. Joe and I  carpool and I typically have to spend some time waiting for him to finish up before we can head home. This is the nice area that I sit and wait in the evenings.


Some people I know wonder why in the world I carry around these giant suitcases purses all the time. Here is an exclusive look inside. So you can see that I carry a book, some knitting, and there is a magazine peaking out there as well. You can ignore the VS bag... that's what I carry my lunch to work in. Suffice it to say I am terrified of being bored. Especially when I might be sitting there for 30 minutes or so.


Not much else to report. Joe had to work crazy late tonight and now is at the gym. Tomorrow I am taking the first of three crochet classes. yeah! I will finally learn to crochet. Another plan for the weekend is to make some soup in the crockpot. I'll let you know how that works out. Oh, and I start school on Tuesday, gotta go get those books!

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