Sunday, August 30, 2009

savannah day the third

Saturday was our last full day in Savannah. After a great breakfast at The Express Cafe & Bakery we walked the streets and found some really great shops. It’s always fun to shop the boutique stores instead of the chains that seem to inhabit every corner of our lives. I don’t have any pictures, but we found some really unique items for the house and a couple of really great pieces of jewelry at a place called Zia and don’t forget some fabulous dresses at Custard Boutique.

Before lunch we headed out to the Isle of Hope via a recommendation form my brother. If you’re at all interested in gorgeous houses on the water it’s worth the short drive to Bluff St. The homes are amazing and the majesty of those live oaks are indescribable. Go… go now!

Once we got back into Savannah proper it was back to walking. Lots of walking! I believe this fountain is in one of the two parks in the city. I do remember our trolley driver telling us a lot of wedding pictures are taken here and you can see why.


The houses surrounding the parks are amazing. If only I had a million or so dollars to spare…


At the end of the day we took a haunted pub tour with Sam of Savannah Dan. Everyone met at the Six Pence Pub and made our way to the cemetery and about 4 or 5 other bars all with haunting histories.


At Moon River, Sam was allowed to take us upstairs to the areas of great disrepair and supposed hauntings. The room straight ahead and to the left is said to be where the guests from prior years (this used to be a hotel) come back to drink and carryon with there friends. Maybe we’ll end up here someday… spooky!


I think that wraps it up for our trip. We are heading out for breakfast soon and hopefully some wireless so I can post this. Then it is back to our regularly scheduled programming of sporadic posting!

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