Friday, August 28, 2009


Hey ya’ll… we are in lovely Savannah, GA for a nice long weekend vacation. Oh, and the reason we’re here is cause we are celebrating our 20 year dating anniversary. Yes, we do keep track of these things and thought this was an excellent excuse to get out of town!

We are staying in a really neat old hotel, (read: horrible water pressure, but everything else is really nice) the River Street Inn. It’s on the waterfront and is an historic building originally used for exporting cotton. It was hard to get good pictures of the room since the natural lighting is poor, but here is the our bed with some old guy there to watch over us.


This is the door to the room. The wood floors are just amazing!


Mom seems to love wallpaper, so here’s a close-up of what’s in the hall. I’ve noticed a lot of beautiful floral wallpapers since we’ve been here. Much more than I am used to seeing at home.


Here is a pic of the main staircase. There are four floors and their are places where you can see the original stone and brick that were used and where old doors and windows have been bricked up where solid walls are now needed. It’s interesting to see how the building may have looked in the past.


In case you live in a cave or something, Paula Deen is from here and stuff with her face and name on it are sold in almost EVERY store here in Savannah. Apparently, she sells hoecake ya’ll, hoecake.


On a lighter note, with no extra buttah, things grow everywhere here. These are some steps from the riverside walk up to our hotel.


Live Oaks with Spanish Moss are everywhere as well. Too bad they don’t live in my part of the country. They are just beautiful trees!


Last night we ate a delicious Thai restaurant, Ruan Thai Cuisine. It was within walking distance so we ran over there after the happy hour at the hotel. This is my super artsy picture of the Singha Thai beer and the pretty water glass. All those colors were just to good to resist!


I think that’s enough for now. We took a trolley ride this morning in the pouring rain, but I figure I have posted enough pictures for the moment. Be back soon!

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