Tuesday, August 11, 2009

knitting and a cheap room at the inn

I’ve been knitting a bit more. Still neglecting my shawl, but I have been a bit obsessed with this.

Noro blanket 8-9-09 (3)

This is the start of my blanket. Just finished up the first ball of Noro today and will most likely splice the new ball in this evening. That’s a lot of garter stitch. A lot of garter. The Rav link is here.

Monday Joe and I celebrated 13 years of married life. Thirteen people! Saturday we went out to dinner (I wore white pants people!) at a new to us restaurant called Global. Great food, perfect portion sizes, and super nice staff. All that and they brought us each a glass of Prosecco on the house to help us celebrate. Totally recommend this place, especially if you like to experiment a bit with your food.

What else… oh, we booked the hotel for our trip to Savannah in a few weeks. We got a fantastic deal! Joe was perusing hotels.com and found a 48 hour special for the River Street Inn. This place was listed at $175 a night for the weekend we are going, but Joe got it for $110 a night. Score one for us! Go check out the website so you can see the luxury that will be our room at the Inn… go on, go look.

Other than that I have been wrangling the tomatoes into submission. That may be an overstatement. I think they’re winning. Seriously, I think the two plants might take over the house. I will take pictures for proof.

On that note, must go water the porch plants and get the guest bedrooms cleaned up. Cause I will actually be having guests. Well, it’s my family, but they never visit so it’s exciting.

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