Thursday, August 06, 2009

a bit more rambling

Lots has been going on the past few days.

Monday I took a random picture of the fog while driving to work. It looked a lot foggier in real life. Funny how the camera picks things up differently than we do…


So Tuesday I took the day off from work. Our pergola guy (who by the way is awesome if you need someone to do some work) came over to get the darned thing stained and pretty. I noticed that before he painted he patched a few of the splits that were starting the wood. Nothing like someone fixing something without asking. Awesome! So hear is a pic from the inside of the plastic he had lining everything.


Sorry, just thought it was funny looking…  And now for a work in progress pic.

IMG_3732 \

Looking good! He finished up on Wednesday morning, but of course we got deluged with rain around six (yes, the stain held up just fine) and I haven’t been able to snap a completed photo yet. Anyway, we are just thrilled to finally have that all done and not have to worry about it for ten years or when we get tired of the color, whichever comes first!

The real reason I took the day off was because it was teeth pulling day for Rosey. The vet had determined a few weeks back that she needed 6 front teeth pulled. Ugh! I got a call that afternoon from the vet (Dr Powers up in Huntersville is great if anyone needs a good bunny vet) with the results and it was a mixed bag. The surgery went fine and she was recovering nicely, but two to her teeth decided to be completely contrary. Apparently she had some enamel loss and some of the teeth were really brittle. One had already been broken low and couldn’t be removed and the other one snapped below the gum line. *sigh* We will have to keep an eye on those to see if they just stop growing or become a problem later. For now she is on some pain meds and antibiotics for a few days to be sure she is feeling OK.

On a lighter note, I finally attended the Charlotte Knitting Guild meeting Tuesday night. I have been trying for three months to go and something always seems to come up that first Tuesday of the month. It was a lot of fun to meet new people and they had a guest host that spoke about color theory. Really interesting to be reminded of those things I had forgotten and to learn new as well. Good times!

On the actual knitting front I can definitely say that I have stalled out on my Secret Garden Shawl. totally. stalled. out. I think it’s the color change that I am having an issue with. I know if I just sit down and do it all will be well, but I am having a total mental block over it. hmph! Other than that I have been mindlessly knitting on a stash busting Noro Kureyon blanket. The ravelry link is here. Easy peasy!

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