Saturday, August 29, 2009

savannah day the 2nd

Yesterday it rained. Torrential downpour kind of rain until the late afternoon. This was the perfect day for the trolley. At least it was semi dry in there… it’s a windowless trolley after all. This may give you an idea of what we were looking at.


If you’re in Savannah I would recommend Oglethorpe Trolley Tours and ask for Margie, she’s a hoot! She made the history of Savannah that much more interesting!

This building was one of the first on our tour. The Telfair Museum of Art. Really gorgeous and on our list of things to go see today if we ever get out of the hotel room… I could really use some breakfast about now, but i digress.


Most of the residential streets look something like this. Really beautiful old brick streets with those live oaks hanging out over it. Very peaceful, especially with all the rain. Another thing our guide pointed out is that the spanish moss turns from that normal grayish color to a pretty green when it rains. Hard to see in the picture, but it’s true.


This is the Olde Pink House and is it ever pink. The short story is that they wanted to stucco over the brick and the brick color kept bleeding through so in the end they decided it was easier to work with what they had. Hence, the pink stucco. This is supposed to be a great place to eat in town, but with all the choices I’m not sure if we’ll be trying it out tonight.


One thing about this city is that it is laid out in a very orderly fashion. There are numerous squares named after historical figures and two good size parks. Here is one that we went by during the tour, you’ll have to forgive me since I have no idea which one this is… I did, however, find a really great website with tons of information about the city, here.


This is nice rainy shot of City Hall. It’s a magnificent building.


In the afternoon, after the rain finally stopped we walked through a lot of really neat areas of the city. I like the fact that they have kept and are restoring most of the old buildings. It’s nice to see remnants of the past.


What used to be a five & dime.


Another shot of City Hall in the evening, just before dark. You can see the clouds moving away from us. Hopefully it will be dry today.


A final picture before we headed back to the room last night. This is the main bridge that brings you from SC into GA. It’s a beautiful piece of architecture.


It’s now the morning of day 3. Time to get the battery charged and off to take more pictures of Savannah!

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