Saturday, July 23, 2011

shiny new toy

First things first. I've finally done it. I've caved to the imaginary pressure and my total curiosity and purchased a MacBook Pro. So what do I think so far? For now a bit of confusion with a bit of aha thrown in. I'm learning. Slowly. It's fun though and I can't wait to learn more and be a better user.

In other news, I'm still knitting socks. Shocker I know. Oh and I'm learning how to use iPhoto.
See how I did that just now? Threw in a mention of one of my newfound skills? I'll figure out this new system eventually with all it's scrolling and hidden functions.

Speaking of new things. Does anyone know of a good blog writer for the Mac? I used Windows Live Writer before, but obviously that's no longer an option. Anyone?

Other than all that excitement, life is pretty good over here on the left coast. The sun is attempting to get through the clouds and I need to make breakfast so we can get over to the Farmer's Market for our weekly veg fest. Good times!

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Dawn said...

Those are some pretty socks!