Monday, July 04, 2011

happy 4th!

What a great getaway weekend! I woke up super early this morning, at least for me, and have been fooling around on the computer with the 8 pictures that I took and trying to decide what I would write today. Well, I’m sleepy, so you’ll get a picture montage of our weekend*. Too bad I didn’t get more pictures of our wine tour the first day, but it’s super hard to take pictures with a wine glass in your hand…

Big giant metal chickens were on my mind, so it was pretty funny that I came across this at our picnic lunch on Friday. We also saw it’s twin in Petaluma on Sunday… it’s an epidemic of chicken sized proportions.


Group shot of our awesome tour group. Platypus Tours was great!

group pic

This is on the property of MacArthur Place where we’re staying this weekend. Great sculptures and art scattered all around.

bird house water feature

Notice the life size chessboard behind the flower. This was one of the few times we walked by and someone wasn’t playing.

flower art

The lovely lavender fields of Matanzas Creek Winery.

lavendar fields

More fields of lavender.

lavendar fields

Proof that we actually took this trip…


Obligatory nature shot at Matanzas.

rock wall

Later Saturday afternoon we drove over to Petaluma so Joe could see the TWiT cottage live and in person. I also might have yelled “Shwood!” out the window when we saw Brian Brushwood walking down the street. Then while having lunch we decided to let him know it was me screaming like a crazy person…

funderbug Judi
Hey @shwood ! I'm the one who screamed at you from a moving car in front of TWiT cottage :)

in reply to ↑

@shwood Brian Brushwood
@funderbug that is AWESOME!!! mystery solved.

and that’s why Twitter is awesome.

TWiT cottage

Giant metal farm animals were a theme.


*OK, so it was impossible for me to add all these pictures with no commentary. Your Welcome.

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