Tuesday, March 08, 2011

lists etc.


I found list nirvana… or maybe something close… daily lists… at least for a month… love it!

Go here to see what all the hullaballoo is about, I’ll wait.

OK, so, I started late, as usual. My plan is to start with today and then throw in some of the pics from day 1-7. I know you’re excited. You may even find out a little more about me. Or, you may be like, we all knew that, move along.

Day 8: It’s scary people. There’s a lot of stuff in there.

Day 8 - March 2011 - List

So this is what my bag looked like just hangin’ out. I bought Leeloo a toy today, don’t judge me.

Day 8 - March 2011 - bag

I wanted to list everything out, but then it becomes:
2 hair ties
2 vitamin containers, 1 empty
1 Hershey Kiss wrapper sans kiss
1 1/2 knitted sock + yarn + bag + pattern
It’s ridiculous.

Day 8 - March 2011 - emptied bag

Day 1: About Me

Day 1 - March 2011

Day 2: Things I’m Good At

Day 2 - March 2011

And now for something completely different.

Joe and I went to have sushi this evening and bumped in to the doggie parents of Chewie. The cutest dog evah! in case you were wondering (I have a picture somewhere…). Anyway, we start talking and realize we live in the same neighborhood. Score! Cool people. Awesome dog. What more can you ask for? We traded numbers and puppy play dates will ensue.

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