Sunday, February 27, 2011

resolution update

I think I need some resolution accountability. I mean, it is almost the end of February, right? So what have I done so far…

  • Out of the required 12 completed knitting projects, I’ve managed to complete 3. I’m actually pretty impressed with my current progress since I am tend to much better at the starting side of things.
  • So, I haven’t actually started a business, but I have one forming in my head. It would be retail. There would be hats. Jewelry. Bags. A fair portion would be handcrafted.
  • Meditating has currently stalled out.
  • I’ve read 1 of out of the required 6 books so far. That means one whole book leaves the building…
  • Podcast? What’s that?
  • I’ve been drinking wine, but not actively learning anything. We’ll get to that later.
  • Letter writing. Sort of working on this. I’ve been more diligent about writing an actual note on birthday cards, etc. instead of my typical two line sign off.
  • Learn French… nope
  • Oh the craft room… I so want this to be a lovely space, but I seem to have stalled out at the moment. I’m feeling a giant upending/purge coming on. Stay tuned.
  • The writing. This I’ve been doing better with. Like now. I’ve also been journaling more, which I find helps me to focus. I really need better focus.

Obligatory puppy photo… I just don’t understand how she sleeps like this.


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knittinwolf said...

She looks comfy, lol!

We're you going to do a podcast? I was thinking on it (Dr. Gemma even announced it at the retreat too) don't know if I want to take the time and add one more thing to the thousands of things I do...then I'm nervous about hearing my voice...lots of excuses!