Sunday, March 20, 2011

this and that

So I’m a little behind on posting my 30 day lists and I’m kinda tired. That means I’m going to cheat and just link you over to my flickr account and you can go take a look at my new ones if you’re interested. I’ll wait, go ahead…

After last nights thinking session I decided I really needed some sort of dream board and headed to Lowes to by some galvanized metal and paint among other things. Martha Stewart came to the rescue and as long as I can get a few days of no rain I’ll get this bad boy up and running. I’m kinda excited about having a place to stick all my random thoughts and ideas where I can see them clearly. Ripping out magazine pages and sticking them in a pile with a note is just not working out for me. I know, shocking, right?

I did manage to finish one Cascadia sock today. It even fits. Wow! I immediately cast on for the second one so I don’t have that poor sock hangin’ out by its lonesome for too long. I might actually knit myself an entire pair of socks!
I’ve got to figure out how to take a better picture…

Cascadia sock

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