Sunday, March 20, 2011

late night navel gazing

Up late tonight. Sort of reverting back to my old ways in a time that I could get away with this (I’m so going to pay for this tomorrow…)

Making a list for tomorrow, of course, it is tomorrow, but I digress. And thinking about what I want to do with myself in general. I had an interesting conversation with a newish friend Friday night that was surprised at my current occupation and thought I had more to do with social media and well, probably anything other than what I actually do. True enough. What I do now doesn’t suit me, but what to do?

For one, I’m going to blog more. Not that it’s going to bring in extra cash, unless some kind soul would like to send it my way, but because I enjoy it. Because I enjoy writing. Even when it’s all grammatically incorrect. I’m also going to spruce up my craft room and get a board on the wall where I can pin and write ideas. Any idea on a combo for that? Or do I need to have two separate pieces… hmmm… the hamster wheel runneth.

So this is what I need. I need ideas.

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futuregirl said...

I'm a night owl, too. :) Discount Builder supply sells cork off a roll, so you can buy it in whatever size you want ... like if you had a large ornate frame you wanted to fill with cork. Three more words: chalk board paint.