Wednesday, February 23, 2011

i should blog more

I won’t feel like I have much to say for a while, which is fine. Then I do and I still don’t blog. Doh!

So here are a few things I should have mentioned already.

  • My friend Emily sent Leeloo these adorable toys!

They are super and Leeloo adores them. Especially their crunchy ears. Who can resist the crunchy sound? Not Leeloo. That’s who.


  • My parents were here this past weekend and what does it do? It rains. Well, it rained on Saturday. All day. And since they were here for two days that means it rained 50% of the time. Pooh! So I didn’t get to do all of the things I wanted to do with them, but it was so nice to have them here! In lieu of touring the city, I helped Mom make potato soup with shrimp on Saturday and it is delicious. I’ve been taking it to work and eating it for dinner. Yum! I also made chocolate chips cookies, which oddly is the only thing I took pictures of…

Yeah, those aren’t the actual cookies, but my pictures of the actual baked cookies are not so great. Ingredients, that’s what you get.


  • Um, I’ve been working diligently on my Cascadia sock. So hard to get a good indoor shot, but here it is… getting ready to start the heel. Oh yeah!



  • I need to stay away from twitter. Why? Cause people tweet about all kinds of cool stuff. Like these. Thanks Ysolda… I just bought two of them. *squee*


  • Then there is poor little Leeloo. She was spayed yesterday and I was able to pick her up today after work. She is tired. And sad. And probably doesn’t feel to hot. Which is why I feel so bad for laughing…

It really shouldn’t be this funny. Maybe it doesn’t seem funny from where you’re sitting. But she’s so understandably mopy and has that silly cone around her head and it’s so cute… and funny. I keep giggling. And feeling guilty. But I still giggle. It’s not just me, Joe’s laughing too. I’ve taken a thousand pictures, almost.

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