Tuesday, February 08, 2011

a bit on the nothing side of things

So, I’m pretty sure that I mentioned I watched Julie & Julia on Sunday and there was this one scene I can’t get out of my head. Don’t quote me on this, but essentially Julia is talking about getting up early (at 6:30, ugh!) to get ready for cooking school and she’s just so excited about it! That scene (or my rendition, anyway) seems to be on a constant loop in my head. I want that. I want to  be excited to get up and start the day. Is that too much to ask? I mean, I don’t dislike my job, but I’m certainly not excited to get up and go every morning. I don’t get up and think, Wow! I get to go do that! I know, I know. My life isn’t all that bad. It’s actually pretty good. But you know what?  Sometimes I need a little self indulgence here in blog land.

So what to do? A friend recently said I need to follow my bliss.  Well, what the heck is that? Anyone know? Besides quitting my job and… what? I’ve got a whole lot of nothin’. Basically, it’s just me dreaming about, well, sadly, I’m not even sure.


Anonymous said...

i (think) i know the feeling. i don't hate my job, but don't exactly cut cartwheels every morning before coming to work, ha! and when people say, "do what you love" i think to myself, "great. if only i knew what that was" :/

Michelle @ Find Your Balance said...

When I left advertising and started my health coaching business I really did jump out of bed each morning. I still love my work, but I don't actually leap out of bed now. Still...it is worth figuring out what that bliss path might be :-)