Sunday, February 13, 2011

a weekend in carmel by the sea

Paying for internet at our hotel just seemed silly when I’d be using it for all of 20 minutes. So here you have a twofer… enjoy.

Saturday: Joe and I dropped off Leeloo for her first boarding experience and headed on down to Carmel by the Sea. We drove down the Pacific Coast Highway and the views were really spectacular. The coastline is just gorgeous!

Look at that blue sky. Amazing!

I may have looked away from the loveliness to knit, just a little…

Car knitting

We spent the day wandering  Carmel by the Sea and checking out the cool shops and art galleries. If I had a spare 75 grand I might have come home with an original oil painting. Instead I picked up two fabulous hats and took a picture of beautifully tiled steps. That’s probably just as good.

Dinner was a glass of wine and the saltiest salad and hummus appetizer ever made. They actually salted the pita bread. Was that really necessary? I’m not going to name names on this one since we didn’t try any other items, maybe next time we’ll give them another shot. But despite our annihilation by salt this was a perfect weekend get away! Today was really great and I can’t wait for tomorrow.

Sunday: Oh my gosh! if you’re anywhere close to Carmel you have to go to the Tuck Box for breakfast. Oh, and you MUST order the scones. They come with two jams and fresh whipped cream. Delicious!


We walked over to the Cypress Inn to take a look around. We were told it was a beautiful place and dog friendly, as most places here seem to be. They have this  painting in the courtyard. Isn’t it great? Next time we’re here we’ll have to stop by for drinks and soak in the ambiance.

Before we left we walked the beach. I took like 1000 pictures, but some how narrowed it down to these 3. Your welcome.

Loved the bits of rock that lined part of the beach. I may have picked up a few to bring home.

There were a lot of people out enjoying the great weather. I could have walked forever, but we had to get back to the city.

Before I leave you for the night I had to show you two more things.

  1. There was a murder of crows grabbing a drink (yes this was fresh water on it’s way to the ocean). I only mention this cause I love saying murder of crows.
  2. This was by far the most grand, but there were so many beautiful homes lining the coast. Can you imagine looking out your window and seeing that ocean? Something to aspire to, eh.

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Michelle @ Find Your Balance said...

Beautiful beach shots! I'm jealous!