Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Day of Fun

I had grand plans of writing up my to do list today and really being productive once I got home. We were even going to run to Macy's after work buy some bowls to complete the set . So now you are probably wondering, what happened? what could have possibly gone wrong? It was the evil dentist! Ok, the dentist wasn't exactly evil, but it was the aftermath of the cavity carnage that really sucked. Mr. Dentist had to use a lot of novacaine on the right side (two cavities will do that to a person) and it apparently numbed my head all the way up to my eyeball. My eyeball people! My eyeball felt all dry and scratchy and I said to Mr. Dentist's assistant, Is my eye numb?? and she said, yeah sometimes that happens. WOW! Who new? Well, the worst part was actually the pain after the novacaine started to wear off. I even left work early because of the assault on my molars.

So here I am. On the couch. Suffering through the pain. Ok, I did take some Advil, but I am kind of freaked out by the large holes that had to be drilled into my teeth. And I am a bit freaked out by eating right now too. I guess that might work out well for the resolution to lose a bit of weight, though.

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