Wednesday, January 24, 2007

a list and some random thoughts

Today's list:
check CS file
clean bathroom
clean bedroom
call MI warranty
grocery store
fish tank

This has got to be so fascinating for you guys. My lists of what I should and actually do in a day. Wow!

As I was driving around today I noticed that the flags are still flying at half mast, which brings me to the question: How long do the flags stay at half mast when a President dies?
I know President Ford died in December, but it seems like the flags have been flying this way for a very long time. According to Wikipedia a current or former president gets 30 days of flag treatment. Very interesting...

Other than that it has been a day of lunch with a friend, running errands, and cleaning up around the house. I can't believe how many times I have to clean up the freakin kitchen. I guess when you actually use it other than for fixing cereal in the evenings things actually get dirty.

Alrighty peeps! I am off to get some beauty sleep.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Flags should be back to full staff tomorrow. They were supposed to be lowered through today.

Just a little FYI. LOL

Sarah (Riffle) Robertson