Thursday, January 04, 2007

secret job stuff

I don't talk about work much here since you hear all of the crazy stories about people talking about there job and then WHAMMO! they are fired for something or other. Well, I need to get this out so job beware, I am talking about you now. My current department has been eliminated and the 15th is my last day. I have been offered a position internally, but it is my second choice. What is choice one? Since, I am afeared of divulging too much on this, oh so public, blog I will say that it is my number one choice and waiting for a response is causing me much anxiety. I did receive an offer yesterday evening, which I felt the need to counter this morning. Now we wait some more. waitwaitwaitwait. So here I am waiting. Waiting until tomorrow to what I hope is a much needed and positive phone call. Cross your fingers and wish me luck!

Today's list:
Christmas tree
clean yoga mat
mail package
fish tank

Ha! some things did get done today.

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Lenore said...

Good luck Judi!!! Lemme know what you hear.