Wednesday, June 10, 2009

of coffee and passports

Still working on getting all the pictures of our trip to Europe organized, so I will just hit the high notes here.

We visited a lot of different cities or "villages" as my family liked to call them. After we left Paris we went to Bellagio, Lucerne, Tasch (near Zermatt at the Matterhorn), Rothenburg, and Munich. All of them were beautiful and terrific to visit!

On to the more exciting part of my journey, which was the last night in Munich. Apparently this is how they celebrate bachelor parties there...


A bunch of guys dress up in crazy outfits and go get hammered. Here are some friends of the pink bunny hi-tailing it out of there.


Here are some golfers that my brothers and I hung out with the rest of the evening.


Fast forward to the following morning. It's Monday and we are up early packing everything so we can get on the plane. Well, everyone except me. You see, I realized that I have managed to lose my passport in a foreign country. Awesome!

So, let's just say that I am one crazy lucky foreigner and I was able to locate my passport (it was at a restaurant from the night before) the next day. This was especially fortuitous since Monday was a holiday and everything was closed and by everything I mean the embassy. My brother was kind enough to stay behind with me so we had an extra day to see the town. After I found my passport that is, up until then I was a crazy ball of anxiety.

This brings me to coffee. I drank coffee every single day while I was there. I am in love with coffee. This was my last coffee in Europe. It even has a heart on it... coffee loves me.


Now I seem to be chasing the ghost of the beanie goodness.

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Aesox said...

Looks like you had a great time! And yes, the beanie goodness is the best!