Friday, June 26, 2009

cute newish stuff

This is a bit overdue, but I like to give credit when I buy something really nice! I special ordered some really beautiful copper stitch markers from Spindle Cat Studio on Etsy. She responded quickly to my special request, which was for size 9 hand hammered copper markers that I wanted to use for the Clapotis I was making at the time. They came attached to a cute little card shown here.


They were hanging on the inside all on a cute handmade safety pin like holder. They are really beautiful and I have really enjoyed using them. If you order some I would recommend going up one size from the needles you are using to ensure a proper fit.


Another more recent purchase is this neat little project bag I picked up through Custom Threads at Etsy. This is the perfect size to throw a ball of sock yarn and your project in to carry around. The bag is really well made and has little yarn feeders, one on each side, that snap into the inside so the yarn doesn't pull out of the bag. Love it!


Speaking of socks... this is the project that I have been using as my on the go knitting. My first toe up socks and I switched from DPN's to two circs on Tuesday and I am loving it! Sometimes those DPN's can get a bit unwieldy and now I don't feel like I am going to stab myself or others with the five steel pointy sticks I was carrying around.


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Aesox said...

Cute stuff! Thanks for the recommendations. Hey, is that yarn from Intentions? PYL