Monday, May 11, 2009

better than spiders...

I finally got around to washing and blocking the Clapotis yesterday. It actually took me a while to work the washing machine in individual cycles instead of just letting it run... I tend to be a bit mechanically challenged. Here it is soaking in the wash.


After I spun it dry I pinned the corners since they were curling like crazy. It's amazing how just doing that made them lay nice and straight.


I wore it to work today and received several compliments. It's nice that people seemed to like it, whether they realized I knit it myself or not. Oh, this is not the outfit I wore to work, I try to be a bit more coordinated for that. I like the odd crookedy arm I have going on. It's harder than one would think to take pictures of yourself.


Last Saturday I returned my two foster bunnies to Animal Control. It was time, I needed my room back and they needed to be in homes where they could get more one on one attention. Here is the aftermath of empty cages. I started the cleaning up and dismantling yesterday.


One corner down! We broke down that big black piece on top of the other enclosure as well and chucked in the trash. Gone! Now I need to go work on the other one and maybe get a desk in there. I will miss those girls, but it's nice to have my room back.


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