Friday, September 02, 2005

Fun Cruise

Seems that everyone is on the cruise but me. I got a call at work today from brother Joe, Mom, and Dad. They said they are having a really good time. I tried to have them email some pictures so I could post them here, but they can't do that from the boat. I suggested an internet cafe, but I guess they are just too busy having fun!

The picture on the left is their route. They are the pretty arrows that start in Barcelona. Must be nice!

Rebecca and David are there too, but when the rest of the crew called they were already in there room. Sounds like party poopers to me! :-)

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Jen Ferruso said...

I love it! Good for them for going on a cruise. But I know what you mean about everyone's taking one but you. Three girls at wor have taken this cruise and I am extremely jealous...I wanna go to Italy! :)