Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Looks like I am slowly figuring out to use some of the tools on this blog... I guess I am just technologically challenged as some of my friends may be aware!

Life seems to be plodding along. Work has been a bit stressful the past two days, but that is to be expected with the end of the month. Joe is in Philadelphia tonight so I am on my own... Cindy came over to keep me company for a bit as Mike is out of town as well. Thanks Cindy!

I did finish up a Christmas ornament that I was working on, hopefully I will get a picture of it for all to see. It's really cute!

Joe purchased a shiny new Dell laptop and he is super excited so you all should ask him about it. I continue to purchase a lot of small items to make up the difference.

Ok, very sleepy and need to get some sleep. Good night!

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