Monday, September 05, 2005

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend is about over. It has been pretty good, no rushing around, no being in the car for hours, no obligations. Just a nice three day weekend. We did go to the Breakfast Club on Sunday night for a breakdance competition. That was reallly awesome! It is unbelievable how those guys can move! I told Joe that he has to get me some tapes so that I can learn some moves. Next thing you know I will be pop'n and lock'n in the next competition. Go Judi! Go Judi! Ok, maybe not anytime soon, but one can dream...

I found a really bizarre Santa on the web today. Check it out here. I don't know what is wrong with people. Who through this out during discussion and then who was like, that is a great idea! Let's get that into production immediately! I guess I think it is just a tad creepy.

On a cross-stitching note I did finish up part 2 of Alpine Seasons. Here is a picture

I have been timing myself on this one, since I inevitably get the question of how long it takes me to do a large piece. So far I have about 35 hours into this one and it is not even half way done. Looks really good though, I can't wait to get some of the outer circles of this complete!

Alrighty then, off to move Joe over on the couch so that I can get a little more done on this bad boy!


Lenore said...

Yoda + Santa = bad idea

mikeprehiem8723 said...
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