Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Delayed Blinky sighting

I was talking to brother Joe the other day and was severely chastised for not updating my blog more frequently. Especially since I hadn't written anything else about Blinky's adventures in Europe. Just so you know I have been sick with allergies and sinus' since last Thursday and have felt generally like crap the whole time. Well, here it goes...

Apparently Blinky went to town with the free drinks that are served in first class.

With all the free alcohol he had trouble reading the menu.

Due to the problems reading the menu Blinky was not real pleased with the dandelion greens he received with his meal.

The last picture here is Blinky tucked in and sound asleep for the long ride over the Atlantic.

I also need to make a correction from a statement I made in my last entry. I assumed that brother Joe had taken Blinky home, but I was later informed that Dad became extremely attached to Blinky over the course of the trip. I will ellaborate more on that later.

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