Friday, September 02, 2005

Joe went to Philly

Joe went on a short jaunt to Philly this week, business of course. He left Wednesday morning and came back to see me Thursday... oh it is just so hard to sleep when the man is not around. So you're probably wondering whose bed this is then? This was Joe's comfy bed at the Ritz Carlton where our fair city's 2nd largest bank housed him for the night. Can you believe the nice pictures he gets from his Treo?? My phone sucks. Anyway, i digress...

So here is the main lobby of the hotel, which in its former life was a pretty nice looking bank. I think I might wonder where all my money was going if my current bank had this much marble on the walls.

Here is the last picture that I am going to torture everyone with. Joe just had to send me a text Wednesday night of his yummy desert at this fantastic restaurant that he and his banking buddies went to. The name Bliss says it all I think.

OK, boys and girls. That is it for tonight. I have got to get to sleep so that I can do lots of nothing on my long weekend!

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