Tuesday, October 26, 2010

it’s gotta go

So I came across this really great blog a while back. I found it pretty interesting, but really wasn’t keeping up with until the past week. Most likely cause I was in the midst of our craziness and knew things needed to go already. Now I’m at the point where things are settling down and I need a little extra impetus to keep up the momentum.

In our new abode I have a room to call my very own. I’ve been calling it a craft room, but well, I want it to be my own personal space amongst the shared. Right now it’s a complete disaster. Not complete, but close. There is no calm zen in there, its chaos. Chaos that needs to go. That means I’ve made a decision. There needs to be a quick and brutal purge and soon. Like starting tonight. Here’s the start to my plan*:

  • The first thing to go is the workout stuff. The videos, the stepper, the weights. I did use these things at one time (OK maybe not a lot), but I have not the motivation to move furniture and then workout when I have a gym membership.
  • Next is the huge collection of pens we have accumulated over the years. Yes, I realize that these are in almost every room of the house, but they’ve gots to go. I bought 8 shiny new pens today that I will leave in strategic locations and will probably last us for the next ten years. No more crappy logo pens that barely work!
  • Culling of the cross-stitch patterns and yarn that I’ll never ever use. If they don’t sell on Ebay then they go to Goodwill. The end.
  • Oh and don’t forget the eleventy billion magazines that I hold onto “just in case” I ever want to make some recipe or craft project or read some book they talk about. I need to be ruthless.
  • Then there’s the books. I have a soft spot for books. Your reading selection says something about who you are and what you’re interests are, but really, one only needs so many books on house rabbits. Really, it’s got to be some kind of sickness…

So what’s the reward? Well, this past week while Joe’s parents were visiting we actually walked through a lot of the cool stores here in the new ‘hood. One spot in particular, Nancy Boy, had some really cool vintage furniture and amongst them this awesome 60’s-70’s desk with chair. Love it! Need to have it! But I can’t with a crappy cluttered room that has no personality.

The goal is to have that room in shape in the next two weekends. That’s really pushing my ‘let it go’ boundaries, but that may be exactly what I need.


*Note that Joe may be skeptical about the plan, but I really want my reward that I’m not even sure I’m getting cause I haven’t actually mentioned it yet.

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Julie said...

You will feel fabulous once you clear out the clutter. It's liberating! Hope you get the cool new chair. ;-)