Tuesday, October 05, 2010

and their was a blog post

Some of you may be wondering what is going on in Casa de City* or you may have wandered off into some other corner of the internets. Possibly a corner that gets updated more than once a month.

Our new abode is almost ready for visitors. We realized once we got here that most of the furniture that we actually did bring with us was really not suited for apartment life. And so, the shopping began. Joe and I approach this type of thing very differently. He is the make a decision get it done shopper. I’m the let’s pick a few pieces, see what they look like, find a few more, rinse, repeat, 8 months later it’s done shopper. You can see that we both had to make some concessions there… Thursday our new couch will be here (joy!) and then Joe is going to pick up a new rug that afternoon. Done and done! At least the part that visitors will see.

I think I’m going to miss the fancy cardboard speaker stands…

So, other than 2372 trips to West Elm, Crate & Barrel, and other various stores we’ve been sorta busy. We have in fact missed two events due to our distraction with the apartment and not putting a note in our calendars, but we have managed to make it to some fun things.

A few weeks back we went on a fun trip to Napa Valley with a tour company called Gears & Grapes. They picked us up in the city and drove a group of us to Quixote winery where we sipped some wine, ate some yummy cheese, and were allowed to see where they made their wine. From there we hopped on bikes and for the rest of the tour we rode from one winery to the next, four in total, until we arrived at my very favorite, Tres Sabores winery. That is definitely one I will want to visit again.

The Quixote Winery


A view from the winery

The owner of Tres Sabores had a beautiful garden


And don’t forget the little bababa’s

Our hosts from Gears & Grapes were really great!

I have also recently discovered the joys of Netflix (someone remind me, why do we have cable?). I already thought it was super awesome and then brother Joe called a week or so ago and mentioned he was watching shows on his computer/iPad/iPhone… what? I’m now hooked. In a week I watched an entire season of Dexter, which by the way is a MUST SEE. I had to step away before watching the second season or you might have never heard from me again. Did I mention how cool it is to watch TV from you iPhone on the bus? It is. You should try it.

I did at least do some knitting whilst whiling away the hours watching streaming video. This sock has been in a state of not finished for over a year now. I’ve actually ripped it out and restarted it about 3 maybe 4 times. It must be completed. It must be completed so that I can start on its mate. Don’t even get me started on the fact that there needs to be two of them.

* I’m told the locals never call it SF or San Fran, but it can be called the city.

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