Thursday, April 01, 2010

big news or maybe it’s nothing

At the moment I am sitting in the middle seat in the rear of a plane flying to San Francisco. A lot has happened in the past few weeks and it’s been a crazy whirlwind of time and energy. The short of it is we may be moving to said city and the long of it is filled with major, minor, and the mundane that relates to this kind of decision making. For now we are planning as if we are going so as not to be caught with our pants down. With all the stress and sleepless nights I’ve lost two pounds. Heh. Maybe I can market this as the new wonder diet plan for the ages.

I wish I could say April Fool’s, well, not really… cause I am so excited about the prospects of this kind of move, but the uncertainty of it all is so very daunting. For us it’s a decision of epic proportion that’s as easy it is hard.

So we are off to SF and tomorrow Joe will have his first face to face interview and I will scout the city to see what neighborhoods seem livable with a few apartment viewings thrown in so we can be reminded just how big small 1500 square feet really is.*

So that’s our big news. It’s time to get back to knitting this really lovely Damson shawl. I seem to be having issues with yarn overs at the moment so hopefully this short break will help me gain a little perspective on how this very very hard simple shawl should be knit.


* I do love a really good run on sentence…

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