Friday, February 12, 2010

week of goodness

It’s been a good week! Besides the fact I can’t stop thinking about our trip to London in a few weeks (have I mentioned the fact that we are seeing Lady GaGa in concert there?), good things have been happening over here. Monday I ran farther than I have since junior high. About 3/4 mile. That is an accomplishment for my no cardio doing self.

Tuesday I met a friend and a couple of new ones for a fun evening of knitting. Go knitters!

Wednesday… Wednesday was the day we finally got our new door. You know, the door that was required after some young hooligans decided to kick in our door and steal our stuff. That door.

Here is the last of our old broken in door. Yes mom, the old door parts are safe in a box in the dining room. Even the kick plate if you want it.


The gaping hole that is just dying for a shiny new entry door! It’s worth noting that it was very cold that day.


Look at that perty thing! We are totally in love with it. Oh, and the storm door? So nice to open the door and not actually be outside. What a concept!


Then there’s Friday. Did I mention it was getting cold this week? Well, today we actually started to get snow. Not yucky wet gross rainy stuff. Actual real live snow.


As we made our way home the snow started to come down more and more.


So pretty!


So we came home and marveled at the snow a bit and then decided to get down to business of dinner. I recommend Pizzadillas from Rachel Ray’s book. Yummy!


Oh and maybe a glass or two of wine while we watch the Olympics Opening Ceremonies. So inspiring! Go watch!


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